Belief is our craft.

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Head of Innovation Chris Eve brought true belief and innovation to the Washington Auto Show this year.

You have to believe it to see it.

Introducing the world’s first autonomous flying sleigh, which defines the category and guarantees to make a Believer out of the most jaded cynic.

Runs on Belief

Zero-Emission Holiday Miracle Engine so it is both eco AND imagination friendly.

Under 3 Seconds

0-3000x the speed of sound. That's the power of over 600,000 Reindeer (RP).

Twice Around the World

On a single tank of belief-infused FLUID.

Long Trips Feel Shorter

Signature Elf Craftsmanship Hand-stitched, Fluffy-As-A-Fresh-Snowfall seating with spine support.

10-Star Safety Rating

They had to make a new scale.

WiFi Hotspot

Get real time updates for the Naughty-or-Nice List.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel.
We got rid of it.

The JNGL64 autonomous flying sleigh is miles above the competition. When technology finally catches up to imagination, innovation is created.


Fits all the presents
...all of them

Elf Speed Wifi

Keep an eye out for any
last minute gift requests

Manual Reins

It's all about options. Feel like
taking control? Do it.

Rudolph Red-Nose
Guidance System

It guides you through even the foggiest nights. Now with built-in Chimney Finder.

Jingle-less Bell Landing

Land so softly, the kids will stay nestled all snug in their beds.

OnNorthStar Emergency Response™

24/7 Emergency Elf Response Team (EERT) available at your fingertips.


FLUID is the spirit that possesses the JNGL64, turning it into a demon in the night sky. The not-so-secret sauce that gives Santa his signature jolliness.

Through our Creating Believers technology, we infuse FLUID with concentrated Belief ™, harvested right here at WHITE64 Motors HQ. Bottled lightening is right at your fingertips. All you need to do is take a sip.*

* Enjoy responsibly. Not for use in conventional combustion engines.

Driverless Vehicle is a misnomer. The driver's still there, he’s just transformed into a person.
— Chris Eve

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